Battambang is the additional better city-limits in Cambodia, however, it isn’t generally a accepted destination for foreigners to live. The added accepted cities in Cambodia for foreigners are Phnom Penh, Siem Reap, Sihanoukville and Kampot. Having said that, abounding non-Cambodian nationals do acquisition themselves active and alive in Battambang. This commodity will yield a attending at the altered opportunities accessible in this city.


Although Battambang is the additional better city-limits in Cambodia, it is still a almost baby city. Moreover, it is a actual poor allotment of the country and abounding of the locals are active in acute poverty. For this acumen there are abounding volunteering positions accessible for foreigners. This would cover positions such as teaching English, allowance at orphanages, accouterment abutment and apprenticeship to families active in abjection and acknowledging the bounded agriculture community.


Battambang is acceptable a added accepted destination for visitors that wish to escape from the bags of tourists in Siem Reap and the hot, boiling and abundantly active Phnom Penh. For this acumen there is a growing charge for day-tripper casework such as bedfellow houses, hotels and restaurants. A amount of foreigners are ambience up baby businesses to baby for this growing demand. The Cambodian government accomplish it actual simple for foreigners to set up their own business and with actual little basic humans can alpha a baby business.

On top of starting a baby business, you ability be able to acquisition a job alive in a adopted endemic business. Some bedfellow houses, hotels and confined apply foreigners to plan for them. However, the bacon is generally actual small, but chargeless allowance and lath is provided. If you’re searching for a abbreviate appellation break to supplement your travel, this ability able-bodied be the best advantage for you.

Teaching English as a Additional Language

Teaching English is assuredly one of the added accepted jobs for humans active in Cambodian and absolutely Battambang. There is a absolute charge for both paid and advance agents in this city-limits and jobs are usually absolutely simple to appear by. One of the affidavit for this is the about affluence in award a job, low antagonism for application and the low standards of the schools with commendations to abilities and experience. There are abounding accent schools in the breadth and aswell there are abounding universities that action English courses. If you wish to plan in a university, the standards are usually abundant college and will crave some affectionate of abilities and/or experience.

As you can see there are some capricious opportunities for paid work, volunteering and ambience up your own business. If you appointment or reside in Battambang, you’re aswell acceptable to acquisition added opportunities that aren’t listed in this commodity by speaking to added accompany both expats and locals.